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Ayurveda means “The science of life”; a knowledge which originated in India more than 5000 years ago and often called the “mother of all healing”. At Nila Ayurveda all treatment programs are individually designed according to each person’s condition; physically and mentally. Ayurveda offers one of the world’s most comprehensive cleansing protocols, known as “panchakarma”. Panchakarma works best with the utilization of medicated oils that helps eliminating impurities from the human body.


According to Ayurveda, great wellbeing relies on our ability to completely process all parts of life, absorbing what supports and disposing of the rest. When we are not able to properly digest our food, our experiences and feelings, toxins aggregate in our bodily tissues, causing imbalance and eventually make us sick. Panchakarma is an exquisite purging procedure that discharges stored toxins and re-establishes the body’s natural healing ability.


In the following we like to give you a brief explanation about the content of the treatment:

SNEHANA (Oleation) is an important pre procedure in Panchakarma purification/cleansing. For this procedure the use of different oils made from various home grown and mineral ingredients are used externally and medicated ghee is used internally to receive the full benefit of the main treatment. The fatty substance helps to carry the medicinal ingredients to every cell of the body and to loosen up toxins stuck in the cells.

SWEDANA (Fomentation) treatments produce sweat to help the tissues made delicate by oleation treatments to become more flexible.

VAMANA therapeutic vomiting treatment focuses on the respiratory system and the upper gastro-intestinal tract.  The herbal mixture given stimulates the stomach lining and leads to vomiting. This helps to eliminate toxins from the respiratory and digestive tract. The vomiting stops as the medicine is cleared out from the body. Vaman treatment is particularly suggested basically for kapha-dominated conditions such as weight gain, asthma and hyperacidity. Also benefits allergies, nasal congestion, psoriasis and chronic indigestion.

VIRECAHANAM purgation treatment is a cleansing process by causing evacuation of the bowels by using medicine taken orally. The patient is given a natural purgative to encourage clearing of the guts that aide in purifying the body of toxins. Virechan treatment is prescribed fundamentally for pitta -dominated conditions,

BASTI treatment has huge advantages, particularly in convoluted and chronic diseases. According to the nature of disease, home grown decoctions, oils, ghee or milk are managed into the rectum and this has incredible positive effects. This treatment is to a great degree powerful against vata-dominated conditions, such as arthritispiles and constipation. Also, read more about medicine for constipation.

NASYA treatment is extremely effective in clearing and purging the head area. At the beginning of the treatment, the head and shoulder areas are given a delicate massage and fomentation. After that, nasal drops are regulated in both the nostrils. This achieves the cleaning of the whole head area and diminishes different sorts of cerebral pain, headache, hair issues, sleep disorder, neurological disorders, sinusitis , chronic rhinitis and respiratory ailments.

RAKTAMOKSHAN treatment is useful for cleaning of blood and viable against ailments caused by impure blood. It can be done in a particular area or for the whole body. This treatment is especially valuable in different skin infections, such as psoriasis, dermatitis , and furthermore in local lesions such as abscesses and pigmentation.


  • Completely purifies the body
  • Riddance of toxins
  • Speeding up metabolism
  • Reducing weight
  • Enhancing the strength of digestive fire
  • Opening up blocked channels
  • Relaxing both mind and body
  • Rejuvenation of tissues
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Relieves stress

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